Write! Right!?

Looking back on my life and even now, I feel like what I’ve been through, what I’m going through is not as bad as what other people deal with. I don’t think my problems are worth mentioning when I see the true suffering of others. Mine pale in comparison.

But still sometimes I struggle with the words to describe how I feel until I stumble across the words of others and I’m like, “Yes. That’s how I feel.”

What if people learned how to express themselves in writing and sharing it to help others? (Okay. Yes. I may be from the dark ages.)

Do we neglect teaching the importance of writing? Or did I just miss it when I was growing up?

Homeschooling my daughters, it seems every time you turn around, before they would get one writing assignment done there was another.

But if we could teach children a joy, a love for writing and other things that would actually help them be happier, healthier, better adults.

I must have missed it as a child if they tried to teach it to me.

I never thought a writing assignment as a way of helping me. My thoughts were, I have to try to make a good grade on this.

Writing, music, art, P.E.

Do we teach children the things they need to be good adults or just information to memorize and be tested on how well you can remember it?

Morning Ramblings.

And how can I speak of writing when I’ve neglected my own writing. I don’t even know the last time I published anything here. 🤔😔

Write more. Teach more. Read more. Learn more.

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