You Want Me To Do What?

Am I the only person that has a feeling or idea to do something and says, “What? why?” While its true we should not act on every feeling or idea we have, there are times it is a good thing.

Today, setting at McDs, trying to get internet in this “town,” a Styrofoam to-do plate blew across the parking lot next to McDs and stopped in front of my car. As I saw it tumbling, I thought, get that and throw it away.

I kept fooling with the internet, trying to get it to connect. Finally gave up. Getting ready to leave I thought again, get that and throw it away. Sovi reasoned with myself. They are remodeling this McDs and have taken the outside trash cans away. There is no where to throw it. It’s stupid. I’ll look stupid getting out to pick it up. Fine!

I get out. Pick it up. Get in my vehicle with it. Open it. Empty. Clean. No evidence of what was in it. Thank goodness. Close it. Examine the beat up piece of Styrofoam. A smiley face and the words, “Have A Nice Day!”

Does it mean something? Just coincident? I don’t know. I’ll take it to mean for me to have a nice day.

One day a teacher was leaving for the evening and I said, “Have a nice evening.” She replied, “Thank you, you too.”

Shouldn’t we say I hope you have a nice day. The way we say it, it is a command and putting the outcome in that persons control and responsibility. You go home and make sure you have a nice evening. πŸ˜€

In conclusion, the Styrofoam box has told me to have a nice day. Now, it is up to me to do that.

Y’all Have A Nice Day, Ya Hear!πŸ’ž

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