Watch Intently

I am a custodian at a public school. One day I was called to clean up regurgitation (is that a good word for vomit? Okay.) in the gym. In my efforts to clean up the offending matter I noticed a gathering of young males around me. I thought surely a teacher will disperse them. These were small chaps. Probably came up to under my shoulders. Intently watching while I put the absorbent on the vomit. “What’s that?” they asked. “Well, it looks like sawdust.” I replied. They talked among themselves as I cleaned. When I finished I asked, “Did I do a good job?” They all said yes and nodded their heads. It was cute and awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever been affirmed in a job well done by so many people at once, even if they were children. It made my heart smile!

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