GISH what?

Long story short several months ago I checked out a scavenger hunt called gishwhes. It was interesting but confusing. I couldn’t figure it out, came to the conclusion it must not be for me. Greatly saddened because I truly wanted to be apart of this supernatural being my hope was renewed when I saw that it had been renamed and improved! I had just learned to say gishwhes, but Gish is easier for my under developed lingual skills (I never learned a second language, which I am Truly distraught about. 😓)

Still perplexed I downloaded the app (with at least three others following my lead.) Following the learning curve and being insulted for being impatient I did get the information I so badly needed. All of the other first timers were just as lost as I had found myself. Like a embryo in a world of bird whisperers and sunflowers I began to discover my true talents. Not only am I a bird whispering sunflower, I have added squirrel whisperer. (I need to try this new skill at the next spn con. Wonder how I am with moose.)

What do we do? Be patient! Okay! 😡🙃 And keep your hands off the glitter. Fine!

Sure enough the first challenge was posted. Short time. Hard, frustrating work. Dearly dedicated family members. And voila! Beautiful! Well, it was to me.

I put together a little ditty about Jack and Diane. No,No, NO. About GISH. I read the challenge several times. Looked up the words I didn’t understand. My heartbeat was elevated. This was my kind of thing after all. Asked help from dearly dedicated (which replied IDK.) Got the manifesto written out and boom. Ain’t no way it can be that long. Minimize, big time. Got to do this quickly. Work!? The job/career type work. My livelihood. Always getting in the way, throwing a wrench in the works, plans. Texted my super. Might be running a little late. 😰🙂

Ransoms-style? K. We’ll get you (going.) Actually, more of a threat-style.

I love it. Given more time and supplies I defiantly could have done better. 💟But my first try, my first participation in the greatest international scavenger hunt (the world has ever seen) So mish gishing excited!

Next part. Display work of art at a coffee house. There is a coffee shop (not in our town of course) next town over I wanted to go to. Check. Introvert warning: How in the cage are you going to ask them to display this piece of “art?” Feeling like hyperventilating, deep breath, for the boss, against the personality of pasted “me,” I did it and got pics. (With dearly dedicated family taking the back seat.) But hey, they were there to support me when no one else was.

That was awesome! I was prepared, thinking might not be a person behind me or in front of me to buy something for: I wrote on a napkin (see pic) and ask the lady to give this to the next person buying something and gave her money for the average amount a person might spend. Then someone pulled up to the window and bought something. That was so amazingly awesome. Thanks GISH for pushing me out of my comfort zone in a fun crazy sort of way. #GISH #Gish.con

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