Being Good/Doing Good


  Doing good and being good, is that the same thing? If someone is ugly to me, but I’m not ugly back then I’m being good. If someone is ugly to me and I show them kindness then I’m doing good.

   This is kind of off the subject , but I’ll add it here anyways. Yesterday a teacher where I work was having computer trouble. Having luck with computers is kind of hit and miss with me. But I want to be a help to people. Another draw back for me is that I’m shy. I don’t want to speak up or speak out. While I was cleaning her room I kept talking to myself. Ask her what is not working. Then I tell God, if I can help make a way for me to ask her what the computer is not doing.

   She was going to leave because she was tired of trying to get it to work. So I asked her what the computer was not doing. She explained. I gave a recommendation. It made it worse. Then we thought, do the opposite of what I said. It worked! She was so happy. She thanked me. I didn’t feel like I did anything great, but it made me happy to see her so relieved and happy to get that problem saved. 😄

   So is it sufficient to be good until there is an opportunity to do good? Just a thought. I want to be and do good. Share a good deed you did or that was done for you.  A co-worker took by big bag of garbage out for me tonight. 😁


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