Checking In

Just a little Ramblns before bed. I got busy going through my “bag” that I put my books, Bibles, journal, pens, pencils, scissors, tape, glue, hole punch, nutritional bars and extras in and forgot I haven’t blogged today. I actually left my journal and devotional book in the van so I will not be able to do today’s devotional justice but I will give a highlight.

It was about God helping us Love people like he does. In and of ourselves we are unable to love people like God dies, but we can ask God to help us.

How do we show others the love of God? The devotional did not really say, so I feel a little in the dark. Maybe you all can leave me a comment below how we show others the Love if God. And how we can love people like God does.

I’m very tired tonight. Lots of ideas going through my head hope I can sleep. Good night all. ❤ Sweet Dreams.

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