What do you think about living in a van? Have you heard of this movement? Are you van living?


I liked looking at the Tiny Homes in the Tiny Home movement. They are expensive to me, but that’s because I’m poor. Long story, for another day. I live in a single wide mobile home. A Tiny Home seems small, but doable. A van seems extreme, but interesting. I’d like to try. But why? I’m not sure. Maybe as I research I’ll find out why I want to. Or if I really want to.

One thought is my mobile home is cluttered. If I de-cluttered maybe I’d be satisfied to just be still. But I want to go. Where? Somewhere. Everywhere. Why? Because I’ve been here all my life and I want to see things before I die. Mid life crisis. Possibly. But I have wanted to do this before. Again, a long story.

When I was a child my family would go camping in a camper trailer. Then, we got a motorhome. We would also go to car swap/ car show type things. When I was young, we went to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Grand Prairie, Texas, Indianapolis, Indiana and Peoria, Illinois. I’ve also been somewhere in Minnesota and we went to Florida to Sea World and Disney World.

That was all before I turned 18. At 19 I got married. Our traveling extent was to Gatlinburg, Tennessee once a year. Then after my husband got killed my daughters and I would still go to Gatlinburg when we could.

When my, then, future son-in-law, graduated from basic my daughters and I drove to South Carolina. I was worried about traveling so far away, but we did fine. And it was awesome! Beautiful scenery.


I miss going.Ā  I want to go. Before I’m to old.

The first step is to dream.

The second step is to imagine.

The third step is to believe.

The fourth step is to plan.

The fifth step is to work.

The sixth step is to achieve/realize.

Dreaming out loud.


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