A Push or A Pull


We look at events in our lives as positive or negative, good or bad. We don’t want the bad because it is usually painful or unpleasant in someway. However, if we can analyze bad events we may be able to see where they actually push us along in our life.


Of course this may not happen until some time has passed and the pain has passed or at least eased with the passage of time. I like to think of the bad times in my life as a force that has pushed me forward in life. Hopefully in the right and better direction. Not in the wrong direction.


Likewise, I see good times as forces that have pulled me forward in life, again in the right and better direction. Both are forces that can help us move forward if we allow them too.

It may not be scientifically true, but I believe the push from bad events are stronger. Think about getting behind something and using your weight to push it. This would seem to make it even more important to have that force push you in the right direction. And this will help prevent bitterness that can so easily attach itself to you during bad times.

I look back at painful memories in a new light, knowing those events pushed me forward to this better time in my life. That what was intended to make me bitter, to hinder me, has now made this time on my life possible.

Is there an event in your life you need to look back on in a different light?Can you look back now and realize that as painful (or enjoyable) as the event may have been did you allow it to push or pull you in a better direction?

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