Happy March First

My devotional today was titled ‘Firmly Planted.’ The scripture is from Psalms 1:1-3. A person that does not follow the advice of the wicked, take the path of sinners or join in with mockers will be happier.  Also,  his delight will be in the LORDS instructions. And he will think on it day and night.  The devotional talks about how you can know about the truths of God, but not experience them.  And then asks the question, what are you doing with the word of God?  If you are influenced by ungodly thinking then God’s word may not make a difference in your life . I don’t want to be that way.  I want to know God’s word and apply  it to my life.  I have to be aware of the people around me.  It says if you join people who are scornful you may become cynical. There are people I have to be around sometime that seem to pick out the negative most of the time.  I want to be an encouragement to those around me not cynical. The rest of those verses say that person will be like a tree by water that has fruit and is full and will prosper. I want to be like that tree that is well nourished and is full. My devotional says a person who allows God to implement His word in their life will be an encouragement to others. People will come to sit in the shade of this tree and eat of its fruit.

I hope in the days,  weeks,  years to come to share scripture,  experiences,  and ideas that will encourage you to ‘keep moving foward.’-Meet The Robinsons 😃

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